Love Talk

From banker to pornstar

Once a successful banker and foreign exchange broker in Frankfurt, Lausanne and Zurich, the all-rounder with the stage name J.P. Love has now for over a year worked in the pornography business. What began as a fun time in the nightclub quickly became a profession.

The porn producer Jvo Ganz discovered the natural talent J.P. Love and hired him for his first porno shoot: Preliminary Climax. His acting performance as “Dr. Sesemann” in Swiss production “Porno Heidi “. But he was also involved in reputable supporting roles in “Lüthi & Blanc” and “Fasch e Familie”.

The hit shows at the moment are currently casting shows of all kinds so having J.P. as judge on “Switzerland’s Next Erotic Star” was a no-brainer.

Now J.P. is facing his biggest challenge: he moderates Love Talk on U1 TV, Switzerland’s first erotic talk.