Country Music Festival

Unfortunately, the Country Music Festival is over for this year again but for all die-hard fans and real cowboys they are there every Sunday from 9:00pm.

Check the highlights to see, hear and relive the most beautiful moments of the country music festival in Albisgütli.

Country Music Festival

The Dixie and Blues Festival!

First Sunday of the month from 9:00pm.

See performances by Louisiana Red & Al Jones Band (USA), Piccadilly Six (UK), Les Haricots Rouges (F), Lake City Stompers (CH), Glenn Miller Orchestra feat. Wil Salden (NL / GB), Pepe Lienhard & Swiss Army Big Band (CH), The Big Chris Barber Band (UK), Harry’s Satchmo All Stars (CH), The Harlem Ramblers (CH), Sammy Rimington’s New Orleans Band (GB/USA/D/S/DK), The Trevor Richards British New Orleans All Stars (GB / NL / USA) and Jazz Point (CH).